When Android development teams talk about being the best, what do they really mean? Did they hire the most talented developers, and what makes those developers so exceptional at their jobs? In some industries, we have rubrics to distinguish the qualified from the exceptional, but for the vast majority of engineering roles, there is no single unit of measurement to guide us as we build and train our teams.  

Ask any engineering leader what the strongest indicator of a stand-out Android developer is and undoubtedly you will hear about her ability to learn new skills and grow alongside the rapidly changing landscape of mobile technology. Great developers are constantly evolving to meet the demands and business needs of their organizations, so how can you provide the resources your team needs to ship higher quality product more quickly and execute more efficiently?

Check out this list of 30 resources for Android developers compiled with the help of Google’s Developer Experts. It is the ultimate place for your team to stay in the know on the industry, strengthen their skills, find inspiration, network with fellow developers and gain real-time insight into the most important releases, conversations and projects coming out of the Android developer community.