AT&T’s Transformational Journey

“Never has there been a greater need for people who not only understand concepts at work, but can put them into immediate practice to move the business.” – Nate Edwards, Vice President of AT&T University


Sophisticated, progressive technology is an indispensable necessity for any business that wishes to maintain relevancy in the modern global climate of rapid growth, innovation, and change. Companies must not only transform how they provide goods and services to consumers; they must transform internally as well. To be competitive, companies need extraordinary talent. Upskilling your workforce is one of the single most important projects your organization can undertake. AT&T, recognizing the critical importance of internal development, recently took some remarkable steps to upskill and transform its workforce.

Since its founding in 1885, AT&T has been no stranger to change. Because of its ability to embrace transformation, the company is even more relevant today than it was over a century ago. Its most recent evolution, from a telecom company to a full-fledged technology company, hinged on the upskilling of thousands of employees.

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Learning & Development Roadmap Reboot



Your single most important asset on the road to innovation is the quality and the talent of your tech team.  It has never been more important to ensure that learning and development programs are providing your with the return on investment needed to innovate, stay ahead of your competitors, and meet your growth objectives.  

Today, competition in recruiting and hiring for technical positions is at an all-time high.

Organizations large and small are being forced to reevaluate how they develop and retain talented teams through L&D programs. Nurturing, training, and developing talent is essential to a company’s growth and it’s vital that the correct training provider is chosen to meet these objectives. To help breakdown the process of finding an L&D partner, we’ve built a roadmap to help you through this dynamic decision making process.  These factors will help you identify the training partner, which will transform your learning initiatives and your talent into a winning team.

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Entrepreneurs In The House: How To Get Your Team Thinking Creatively, Acting Independently, and Innovating Confidently


Entrepreneurs In The House: How To Get Your Team Thinking Creatively, Acting Independently, and Innovating Confidently

An ideal workforce is one with an entrepreneurial mindset. Why? Because entrepreneurs are drawn to the idea of building amazing things from nothing. They are determined and confident individuals, who love to learn. They are passionate about what they do and they don’t shy away from hard work. These characteristics are the keys to an entrepreneur’s success. Imagine the benefits of having a workforce that shares this entrepreneurial mindset. Visualize the innovations that will ensue and the subsequent growth of your company. Evolving your team will change how work gets done and it will increase your team’s adaptability, enabling them to keep up with the pace of technology. Establishing and encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset within your workforce carries invaluable benefits and there are steps you can take to achieve this transformational goal.

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Better Together: How to Supercharge Your Engineering Team


Productivity is king. Today’s engineering teams are judged on their ability to deliver more efficient and higher quality products faster, and the best engineers in the world are breaking new ground by leveraging collaboration in development.  Your method of choice may be Agile and pair programming, or you may be outgrowing pairs in favor of mob programming, but each methodology seeks the same outcome: to ship with the quality, speed and scale your organization requires. Continue reading “Better Together: How to Supercharge Your Engineering Team”

4 Keys to Keeping Your Dev Team On the Cutting-Edge

Pace in the world of development is lightning fast, and even the quickest need to fight to keep up with evolving trends and technologies. When expectations run permanently high, the pressure can be exhausting. Developers are both excited and terrified. For the companies they work for, the questions are daunting: How do we push our teams to deliver superior products and ensure that our company remains a rich environment where innovation flourishes?

There’s no single answer to “What new tech does my team need to know?” so instead, we are going beyond Medium and Twitter to show you four key resources where you can discover the next big trends in the developer community.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Most Productive Android Team Ever


When Android development teams talk about being the best, what do they really mean? Did they hire the most talented developers, and what makes those developers so exceptional at their jobs? In some industries, we have rubrics to distinguish the qualified from the exceptional, but for the vast majority of engineering roles, there is no single unit of measurement to guide us as we build and train our teams.  

Ask any engineering leader what the strongest indicator of a stand-out Android developer is and undoubtedly you will hear about her ability to learn new skills and grow alongside the rapidly changing landscape of mobile technology. Great developers are constantly evolving to meet the demands and business needs of their organizations, so how can you provide the resources your team needs to ship higher quality product more quickly and execute more efficiently?

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