4 Keys to Keeping Your Dev Team On the Cutting-Edge

Pace in the world of development is lightning fast, and even the quickest need to fight to keep up with evolving trends and technologies. When expectations run permanently high, the pressure can be exhausting. Developers are both excited and terrified. For the companies they work for, the questions are daunting: How do we push our teams to deliver superior products and ensure that our company remains a rich environment where innovation flourishes?

There’s no single answer to “What new tech does my team need to know?” so instead, we are going beyond Medium and Twitter to show you four key resources where you can discover the next big trends in the developer community.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Most Productive Android Team Ever


When Android development teams talk about being the best, what do they really mean? Did they hire the most talented developers, and what makes those developers so exceptional at their jobs? In some industries, we have rubrics to distinguish the qualified from the exceptional, but for the vast majority of engineering roles, there is no single unit of measurement to guide us as we build and train our teams.  

Ask any engineering leader what the strongest indicator of a stand-out Android developer is and undoubtedly you will hear about her ability to learn new skills and grow alongside the rapidly changing landscape of mobile technology. Great developers are constantly evolving to meet the demands and business needs of their organizations, so how can you provide the resources your team needs to ship higher quality product more quickly and execute more efficiently?

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[Infographic] Where You Can Find Great Android Developers

Hint: They are closer than you might think

Google’s dominance in the global marketplace continues to place Android at the forefront of mobile platforms and top of mind for companies trying to compete in the global econonmy. As demand for Android grows, so does the need for experienced developer teams who understand how to execute on the very latest releases from the platform. However, hiring top Android talent remains highly competitive. The good news is that building a team from scratch is not the only option.

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